Privacy policy

Declaration of Commitment

The following PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES S.A, privacy policy has the objective of informing its users and/or clients about  how the data and information provided by them on the web and different applications or virtual platforms is processed and treated

PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES S.A discloses its commitment to the compliance of what is stated by the Costa Rican laws as in Law Nº8968: Protection of the person concerning the treatment of personal data and its respective regulation to the law, as well as Law Nº7975: Undisclosed Information and their respective regulation to the law.

Policy Update

PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES S.A. reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to legal updates, as well as to good practices of the industry, and of information and communication technologies; hence, it is recommended that it be revisited periodically in the address , to ensure the conformity of such changes. In case of wanting more information about this policy, we can be reached on the following means of communication: e-mail or phone number (506) 2236 7828.

Treatment of information

  1. In the webpage and different applications or virtual platforms owned by PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES, the user or persons may enter or provide personal information, voluntarily or optionally; such information will comply with the treatment of the laws previously mentioned, in addition to the good practices of information security, which provide the organization and users and/or clients, the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data.

  2. Each user, when making use of the web page or any of the different application or virtual platforms and providing information, explicitly accepts the storage and treatment of their data as indicated in this document, in direct relation to the products or services that PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES offers.

  3. Any information or material that people or users send through any of the services owned by PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES such as questions, comments, suggestions, surveys or similar will be used anonymously; hence PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES has freedom to use any idea, concept, knowledge or content that incorporates this information or material.

Principle of Information Quality

informational self-decision in relation to their life and the free exercise of rights, recognizes the right provided by law of being able to know about the treatment given to the provided information, in regards to their personal data. Consequently, at any moment, persons or users may request for a correction, suppression or elimination of the information through the following means of communication, email, or phone number (506) 2236-7828

Use of cookies and third party data transmission

  1. PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES does not sell, rent, send nor provide access to third ones about personal information of users and/or clients of any of its application and virtual platforms. The only situation where PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES will supply information to a third one will be when judicial or competent administrative authorities formally disclose the request of such information

  2. PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES could make use of cookies through its web page and different applications and virtual platforms. Such information can used to provide a better experience to the user and make a continuous improvement analysis, both for the benefit of persons and/or users, and the organization in terms of security and ease of use.

Network Information Security

PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES implements all the security measures for the protection of user and/or clients’ information, with the purpose of preventing improper use, manipulation or unauthorized access to such information. However, users acknowledge that the indicated measures could not be enough in case of accidental loss of information, the use of new technologies or hackers’ attack.

Access to Information

The access to information in custody is restricted; PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES determines those persons who have access to the information according to its nature.

User’s Informed Consent

By reading and accepting our Policy of Privacy and provide the required personal information, it is understood that you provide formal informed consent, according to the Costa Rican law, and specifically to the Law nº 8968: Protection of the person concerning the treatment of personal data and its respective regulation to the law, as well as Law Nº7975: Undisclosed Information and their respective regulation to the law.


In this sense, we understand that you acknowledge that:


i) You have read and understood the scope of this Policy of Privacy

ii)You do not have any doubts in regard to the way, means and purpose of the use of information by PERTEC GLOBAL SERVICES.

iii)You authorize the treatment of the information provided as it was specified and according to the products and services that you make use of.

iv) You recognize that you were informed of the means by which you can exercise the rights of Informational Self-determination. If you have any doubt that prevents you from accepting this policy and terms of use, you may clarify it calling (506) 2236-7828 or writing to the email


For the purposes of this policy and according to the current regulations in terms of Privacy, the following definitions will be considered:

Informed consent: Previous, express and informed authorization by the holder to execute the treatment of personal data.

Database: Organized set of personal data, object to treatment
Interested: Physical person, holder of the data that is object to automized or manual treatment.
Personal data: Any data relative to a physical person, identified or identifiable.
Encryption: Method that allows to code or protect the information from unwanted access.