Who are we?

We are a company specialized in IT services for corporative clients of many sectors and sizes, with the clear objective of providing services and creating products of global standards.

During 20 years, we have developed our expertise offering the necessary tools and solutions behind the success of great businesses. Adding up to 10 years of continuous service with many clients, given our transparency and adaptability.




We hold our country brand. We have the Essential Costa Rica license since year 2019, reinforcing our 100% Costa Rican identity.


We are compromised with the reduction of our carbon-footprint; therefore, all our personnel takes actions that add up to this objective.



Labor inclusion. We are characterized by an environment of work inclusion, diminishing the gender gap with a 35% of female workforce and 50% of our business areas led by women.

In addition to gender inclusion, we provide opportunities to people of all ages within a range from 18 to 60 years.  

Quality management system. We have a quality management system that guarantees the maximum level of satisfaction and quality in each project that we do.



Corporate values


Mission: To provide Information Technology services of global quality, in a committed, adaptable and specialized manner, with the intention of generating maximum value for our clients, collaborators and shareholders.

Vision: To become a regional company, known for its quality and innovation in the delivery of diverse services related to information technologies.


Socio-environmental responsibility