Environmental policy

Pertec Global Services, a company dedicated to providing information technology services; is committed is to avoid, mitigate or, failing that, compensating the environmental impacts caused by their activities developed in the offices of the organization; and improving their environmental performance, always for the sake of continuous improvement. This in accordance to the national environmental legislation and other associated legal requirements.

That said, the company assumes the following commitments:

  • Avoiding contamination of water, air, soil; properly disposing wastewater and solid waste.
  • Avoiding and mitigating atmospheric pollution through the rational use of resources and the decrease in the use of substances that contribute to global warming.
  • Reducing electricity consumption and opting for technologies with high energy efficiency.
  • Identifying, evaluating, monitoring and following the environmental aspects of the organization.
  • Sharing this policy with the employees of the organization and maintaining ongoing training in sustainability issues.
  • Continuously reviewing this policy to ensure its continued adequacy.

Management ensures the implementation of the necessary measures to achieve the commitment of all the members of Pertec Global Services with this environmental policy. It also ensures that it is available to any interested party.


Scope of the Environmental Management System

The scope of the environmental management system involves the processes of marketing and sales, design and development of software products, and the provision of information technology services. Additionally, the facilities of the company, located in Parque Industrial Zeta in Cartago, are regarded as the physical scope of the system.