Senior Network Engineer

 We are looking for you!  
We are looking for a Senior Network Engineer. This person will work independently to design, install, configure, troubleshoot and manage global network solutions.  Also will have to do research, evaluate and recommend the selection of network-related tools and emerging technologies for different clients.

This person will be in charge of working with global team members for the design and support of the network.


  • Advanced English and Intermediate Portuguese.
  • Knowledge and experience in the following technologies:
    • Routing.
    • Switching.
    • Wireless.
    • SD-WAN.
    • NAC.
    • Cloud services (Amazon AWS Direct Connect, VPCs).
  •  8 to 10 years of Network related technology experience, preferably Cisco Technology, switching, routing, wide area networking and architecture/design.
  • Development and implementation of large scale Wide Area Network (WAN) architectures with a strong focus on network, firewall, load balance, router and DMZ architecture.
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