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Azure Architecture and Service Guarantees

When talking about architecture and Microsoft Azure guarantees, it is important to mention that it will provide your business with a reliable, redundant and low-consumption infrastructure with more than 100 installations, with high levels of security, which are united by one of the biggest networks in the world, delivered by Azure. Furthermore, it makes global reach with local presence available, keeping data safe; complies with local laws and has a reduced carbon footprint, which ensures environmentally friendly data centers. 


Data Centers and Azure regions


As mentioned below, Microsoft Azure is composed by data located all around the world. When taking advantage of a resource, such as a SQL data base or virtual machine, you are using physical equipment in one or more of these locations, which, in addition to giving users the flexibility to approach these apps regardless of wherever they are, gives a better scalability -the property of increasing the capability of size on a system-, redundancy, - the repetition of data or critical hardware characters that is to be protected before possible failures that may take place because of continuous usage-, and preserves data residency for their services. 


The regions are used to identify the location of their resources, but there are other two significant terms that must be met:


Azure segments the world in geographies that are defined by geopolitical boundaries or country frontiers. An Azure geography is a discrete market that generally contains two or more regions that preserves data residency and compliance boundaries. This division has the following benefits:

· Geographies allow clients with their specific residence needs and data compliance to keep their data and applications close. 

· Geographies ensure that the requirements of data residency, sovereignty, compliance and resistance are complied with in accordance to the geographic limits. 

· Geographies are tolerant to failures to resist complete region failures through their connection to a dedicated high capacity network infrastructure.


2. Availability Zones

The availability zones are physically separate data centers within an Azure region. It is important to mention that it also has regions assigned to admitting governmental usage and the apps that must be implemented in China, with the purpose of guaranteeing data safety, residence and complying with the resistance and compliance requirements for the clients, regardless of the type of commercial requirements they have. 

Each zone of availability is composed by one or more data centers equipped with their independent power, cooling and networking. They are set-up to be an isolation-limit, yet connected through high-speed fiber optic private networking. 


In conclusion, with the use of Azure, Microsoft provides a platform that gives businesses endless services hosted in the cloud and that accomplish improving the experience of hosting and simplifying the development of apps. In addition, it offers a series of extra assurances to take into consideration, if opting for acquiring and implementing this solution, such as its high availability through its data center and regions.

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